All ways are one in the end.
— Miyamoto Musashi

Zen Training at Chozen-ji

Zen training at Chozen-ji can create deep and lasting transformation in one's life. Our approach is rigorous and designed to prepare students to confront life’s most difficult challenges. The outcome is individuals who are free, happy and ready to serve others selflessly.

Anyone who wants to train at Chozen-ji is welcome to join beginning zazen (seated meditation) instruction but we discourage tourists and recreational visitors from attending zazen or class.

Guidance for New Zen Students

If you are new to Zen training and live on Oahu, we request you commit to training at Chozen-ji at least twice a week. This can include coming to zazen, participating in a class or both. (Completing 45 minutes of zazen is required before all classes.)

To begin training at Chozen-ji, click here to send us an email via our Contact page.


Live-In Training

Serious local and off-island students are welcome to inquire about living in at Chozen-ji. We will offer Intensive Live-In Training twice in 2019: April 7-27 and September 1-21.

Students who have already been training at Chozen-ji may also inquire about living in for longer periods, including outside of Intensive Live-In Training. All live-in students are expected to participate in the morning and evening zazen and class schedules.


Sesshin: 6-Day Intensive Training

Sesshin is the week-long, intensive meditation training held twice a year (summer and winter) at Chozen-ji. Prior to participating in sesshin, you will need to begin training seriously at Chozen-ji as described above.