Short Term Live-In Training at Chozen-ji

Short term monastic stays at Chozen-ji emphasize zazen meditation, physical labor, martial/fine arts and immersion in a 24/7 training community.

Live-in Training at Chozen-ji

Chozen-ji’s intensive live-in training periods are meant for individuals who want to “get off the propeller blade” of habitual thinking that spins us around keeps us from acting intuitively, decisively and effectively in our lives.

This residential program employs zazen (meditation), physical work, martial and fine arts training, and living in a 24/7 training community to forge strong and sensitive leaders. It is a good starting point for those interested in longer term live-in Zen training.

  • April 1-21, 2019
  • September 1-21, 2019
  • April 5-25, 2020
  • September 6-26, 2020

Weekday schedule

  • 5:00AM Wakeup
  • 5:30AM Zazen
  • 6:15AM Okyo / Budo
  • 7:30AM Breakfast
  • 8:30AM Outside work / Budo
  • 12:00PM Lunch
  • 1:00PM Outside work / Budo
  • 5:00PM Dinner
  • 6:00PM Zazen, Kinhin, Zazen
  • 7:30PM Evening class—Kendo, Tai Chi, Zen & Aloha, Ceramics, Archery
  • 9:00PM Cleanup

Weekend schedule


  • 6:00AM Wakeup
  • 6:30AM Zazen
  • 7:15AM Breakfast
  • 8:00AM Zazen
  • 8:45AM Class—Aikido, Archery, Ceramics, Hitsuzendo (Calligraphy) or Kado (Flower)
  • 11:30AM Lunch
  • 1:00PM Free training
  • 6:00PM Dinner


  • 6:00AM Wakeup
  • 6:30AM Breakfast
  • 8:00AM Zazen
  • 8:45AM Chado (Tea Ceremony)
  • 11:00AM Lunch
  • 1:00PM Off-site training
  • 6:00PM Dinner
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Everyone must receive approval from Chozen-ji prior to participation.

While all students must end the live-in period at the same time, arrival dates can be flexible.

Sincerity and a desire to train hard are the most important pre-requisites to live-in training.


Intensive live-in training at Chozen-ji is by donation. Meals will be provided. Accommodations are basic.

Students must arrange and finance their own transportation to Honolulu.


Interested individuals should email adressing:

  • Any relevant meditation, martial/fine arts experience or interest, and

  • why you want to participate in Intensive Live-In Training at Chozen-ji.