Why I like Zen (Part 2), by Wayne Honda Roshi

The last article said that after we "get" the thing we came to the dojo to find we must forget it so we don't get stuck on it.

What is that?

It's what Shakyamuni discovered.

And what is that?

Can't tell you, you have to find out for yourself.

How about a hint, some "empty discussion". (Sound familiar?)

Alright; he said all things that exist have no substance.

Yeah right; in reality when stuff bangs together the stuff has to have substance to bang, otherwise there would be no banging.

Yes, all the banging and crashing is real because we experience it as real.

But what if we created in our minds the banging and crashing, and everything that exists, exists only in our minds, and all things that exist "out there" are really only mental and have no real substance.

Yeah, you gotta be "mental" to believe that.

Or is it true?

Your choice.


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