All ways are One in the end
— Miyamoto Musashi


At Chozen-ji the practice of meditation is complemented by training in martial and fine arts, which, when done properly can be viewed as meditation in and through activity.  The final step is to take all of these practices into one's daily life.


Sitting in meditation is at the core of all of Chozen-ji’s activities because it provides the easiest conditions under which to experience relaxed concentration.  Meditation harmonizes breath, posture, and awareness allowing one’s vital energy to flow more freely.   This vital energy adds vitality to every action and endeavor.  

The Martial and Fine Arts

The martial arts cultivate power in movement, focus and clarity, and the awareness and interruption of habits.   The fine arts cultivate nuanced awareness, refinement, and self-reflection visible in the art form.  Both cultivate relaxed concentration and deeper consciousness in the midst of activity and the ability to act without over-thinking. 

At the highest level, power and refinement are one.   Students are encouraged to practice both, informing each other. 

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