Chozen-ji Yaki


By Sanford Murata

Over the past year, significant progress has been made toward reactivating the ceramics program. The ceramics facilities and equipment have been repaired, restored and reorganized. One gas kiln has been repaired and recently fired.

Rebuilding the wood kiln has commenced, thanks to the donation of a large amount of kiln bricks. Various clay, glaze chemicals, materials, supplies and tools have been generously donated by individuals and institutions.

Ceramics classes and workshops are being planned for Saturdays and Sundays. Functional ware will be made for chado, kado and other arts practices, for Dojo events and uses and to sell at the Art Show on October 12 to 14.   

Ceramics will continue the shugyo that is the foundation of training at Chozen-ji. All will participate in every aspect of making ceramics, including the preparation of clay and glazes, firing and finishing pieces and maintaining the facilities and equipment.  

Please communicate with Erin Yuasa ( or Sanford Murata ( if you would like to know more about the ceramics program.

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